The 2017 New Years Event is an event in Kart Kingdom that lasted 2 weeks. It started in the last week of December 2016, and ended after the first week of January 2017. This was a very popular event. The New Years Party Room arrived. Gus also made a visit with his Give And Get Truck to the Kingdom. On the Kart Kingdom BlogK made several blog posts about it. Everyone was thrilled. Gus gave out many new Karts and Wheels to people that helped him. Gus also tried to give out the 2017 Gingerbread Hat, but a glitch stopped him from doing it. Many users were angry, sad, and shocked to find out that they didn't get it. Many people tried to contact K and tell her that they didn't get it, but K did nothing. The glitch was fixed months later. However, people were still happy that the event was here. New phrases were added to the chat box. When the event ended, many people were disappointed. Others were still very happy for the event to come. Probably, this will come back every year in kk.  

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The New Years Party

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Gus (on left) giving out a kart.