The Buggy Karts is a set of Karts that were around since the very first day of Kart Kingdom and can be obtained in 6 colors. The Red Buggy Kart is one of the Starter Kart Parts that can be chosen when you play the game for the first time.

This kart is used as a base for other karts, which is most noticeable with karts like the IKart Kart.

Both the Red Buggy Kart and the Black Buggy Kart are often identified as symbols of Kart Kingdom due to how iconic they are (as they are the very first karts) despite the fact that older players are rarely seen driving these Karts.

They are often confused with the Racer Karts. which are very similar.

Appearance Edit

These Karts are round in design with two exhausts on the back. The body of the Kart is outlined with yellow, except on the pink and yellow karts, which have light pink and orange outlines respectively.

At the back of the Kart, a circle and a rectangle decal are seen. The rectangle is red on the black version of this Kart, orange on the green version, green on the red and blue versions, and blue on the orange and pink versions. The circle features a lightning bolt, but the pink version uses a heart instead.