CC is a character in Kart Kingdom. She took over the blog when K was on spring break. She is a friend of K. She might be even K's sister! Everyone thought she would never come back in 2017, sparking a lot of anger and sadness to CC fans. However, to our surprise, she returned on the first day of June, 2017. 

Trivia Edit

  • She might have heterochromia, which is when someone has two different colored eyes.
  • She was a temporary Kart Kingdom character that only stayed for around 3 weeks. But she came back on the first day of June.
  • CC left on April 14, 2016. But she left a note for K saying that something would happen the week after that.
  • Due to many requests, she returned in the June of 2017.
  • She loves the tale of Paul Bunyan.

Appears InEdit

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