Clubs are groups that people in Kart Kingdom join. Clubs are very popular on the Kart Kingdom Blog. Some people who make clubs make comments on blog posts that include news about Kart Kingdom or their club, polls, shout outs, and other things. Some club owners also host parties and meetings in Kart Kingdom for their club. Although some people don't have time to join or make clubs. These are optional and don't offer any new gameplay. Some clubs are girls only. This makes boys upset and since then the girl population has been skyrocketing.

While clubs do not offer any new official gameplay, clubs have many activities, such as contests, and some clubs have things that many users want in Kart Kingdom, such as in-game currency and in-game shops that are only available on the official blog in the comments section.

Some clubs have parties and meetings that have a dress code.

Featured Clubs

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The Sweetstar Girls

Owner: Elks447

Members: 300+

Popular Clubs

Kart Klub

Owner: alexa714188

Number of Members: (100+ members)

Dweeb Club

Owner: dweebyMEXD (Right now SirGawain8 hosts it, but its on break for the moment)

Number of Members:(100+ members)

Kode Klub

Owner: Its2016K

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