Crafting is something you can do in Kart Kingdom. There are 2 kinds of crafting. Regular Crafting and Team Crafting. To craft you need KK resources. Whenever you craft something, it will appear in the Field Guide and in the Parts Trailer.  You can craft Karts, WheelsStickers

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 3.51.36 PM
Gadgets, and Powerups. You can craft at the Craft It Booth.

Regular CraftingEdit

In regular crafting, you can craft anything you want to as long as you have KK resources. You can choose things to craft, or make your own discorveries. Anything you craft will need 3 resources. You can only do regular crafting by yourself.

Team CraftingEdit

In team crafting, you can craft with other KK players. However, you can only craft gadgets. You also can't use all the resoures. To team craft, you pick a gadget. Next choose one resource for that gadget. Then other users will know that you're team crafting, and they will join in. Sometimes you will not be able join in. This is because you do not have the resources required, or it is because the team craft is full. 


Resources are needed to craft items. You can find them in many places in Kart Kingdom. They can be found in Quests, Games, the satilite in the sky, or even on the floor of locations.

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