Elks447 is a very popular user and blogger on Kart Kingdom. She owns the Sweetstar Girls Club, which is very popular and can be seen on the blog. Her club has the most members of any KK club (about 300+). There are many hackers after her and for some reason, she cannot be seen on the wiki anymore, but she had come back for a short period of time in November 2017.

She is one of the most popular female users on KK. 

A wiki user named elkss447 was trying to convince other fellow wiki users that elkss447 is really elks447, when the person made the Katy5233 is mean wiki, users started to disbelieve elkss447, and elkss447 can no longer be seen on the wiki. She sometimes dresses up as SirGawain8 in Kart Kingdom just to prank him!