Elks447 is a very popular user and blogger on Kart Kingdom. She has over 15,000+ friends in kk and owns the Sweetstar Girls Club, which is very popular and can be seen on the blog. Her club has the most members of any KK club (about 300+). For some reason, there are many hackers after her. She can also be found on this wiki as Elks447XD and Popstar792.

Trivia Edit

She joined KK in September 2015.

She was featured in many of K's blog posts.

She is one of the most popular female users on KK. 

She has helped find several secret codes with her friends, Yumms567, SirGawain8, and 1234letsgo70, one secret code with her sister, and mainly one herself (with the help of SirGawain8). She originally joined Kart Kingdom as Elks449, until the account was hacked in late 2015 shortly after the Sweetstar Girls club began.

She sometimes likes to dress up as one of her friends, SirGawain8 in Kart Kingdom just to prank him!

Hacking and MiscellaneousEdit

In February 2017, a wiki user named elkss447 was trying to convince other fellow wiki users that elkss447 was really elks447. It was when the person made the Katy5233 is mean wiki that users started to disbelieve elkss447, and they figured it out was an impersonator. Elkss447 was then banished and can no longer be seen on the wiki.