The Explore the Outdoors event was an event most likely preparing for Earth Day in 2017. Clips from Wild Kratts and Nature Cat were shown daily in the game, and exclusive items were available. Starting a day late, the event lasted for 6 days during mid- April. Blog posts were also released daily.

The event featured a "Word of the Day" and prediction activities to earn prizes.

This was thought to be the event Bishop was talking about when he released art for new characters in Kart Kingdom for an upcoming event in April, but it was proven wrong when no new characters showed up. It was later revealed that those characters were for the 2017 Western Event.

This is the first event to occur in Kart Kingdom since the release of it's app with the same name, although the event was not available to players using the app.

With the confusion of the 2017 Hunt as an April Fool's Day joke here on the wiki, many Kart Kingdom users now incorrectly think that the 2017 Hunt is the same thing as the Explore the Outdoors event.

One of the first blog posts to talk about the event stated that app users would not be able to experience the event, as the creators were still working on a way for them to do so. However, the event remained dormant in the app and app users were not able to access it unless they played on a desktop computer.

Explore the Outdoors was originally a program on the PBS KIDS website encouraging kids to go outside, and had nothing to do with Kart Kingdom until April 2017. In fact, on certain days, the PBS KIDS website replaced the Kart Kingdom banner (to go to the game's website) with the Explore the Outdoors website banner. It is unknown if this website is still accessible or if it will ever appear again.

The blog posts regarding the event had pictures of K in a kart (seemingly playing the game in the style it was released in), K wearing items from the event, and K holding up a light bulb. This is the first time K was shown driving a kart in the game's actual style and the first time K was shown without her left arm. This is likely a mistake made by the artists, but almost no one noticed.

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