The Give and Get Truck is a truck that comes in Kart Kingdom for events. It is located only in the area Grand Glade. Gus owns and drives the truck. It is used to get rare Karts, Wheels, Stickers, and Hats by giving Gus supplies to give you the rare kart, wheel, sticker, or hat. However, only people that have helped Gus will get the rare item. People that didn't help won't get anything. In rare cases, there is a glitch where nobody gets the item, even if they helped Gus. This happened in the 2017 New Years Event  when people helped to get the 2017 Gingerbread Hat. Another time is in The 2016 4th Of July event where only two people got the Popsicle Kart. The glitch with the 2017 Gingerbread Hat was fixed, but the one with the Popsicle Kart wasn't.

When the item is unlocked.

Transparent give and get truck

What the truck looks like.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.12.28 AM

The meter.