Hot off the presses! Cat hat wins! Is a blog post. K said that the cat hat had won the Kart Kingdom election. This caused a lot of anger to dog hat voters, shark hat voters, and sloth hat voters. The first Kart Kingdom election was the worst event of all Kart Kingdom history. Tons of users fighted over each other of who would win. Even new users would all fight with other users. Some popular users went against each other too. This was also a big reason why sweetsugar quit. This party caused chaos and about two videos got up to youtube to show how crazy the election got. This blog post has 869 comments so far. This was one of the craziest blog posts of all KK history. The main reason there was fights was because in real life, there was a real election going on that was rated one of the craziest elections in history. PBS KIDS will most likely not make another event like this.

If you want to learn about how horrible the election got And check out the blog post, click here.

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