K is the news reporter of Kart Kingdom. She usually posts news on the Kart Kingdom Blog. She is rarely seen in the Kingdom, but sometimes she may see you and may make a blog post about you if you are spotted. But, you will not know its K since she is in a different account (Almost all the time she is in a new user account so no one knows). K also sometimes replies to comments on the blog. But sadly, she rarely even replies to comments anymore.

Appearance Edit

K has orange skin, orange eyes, and blue hair. She wears has a gray shirt, a black jacket, and a black hat with a K on it.


K in PBS Kids ScratchJr

Trivia Edit

  • K is the only character in Kart Kingdom to have a voice. Her voice was revealed in the blog post Hat Race 2016 Coming Soon To Kart Kingdom!
  • For some reason, she has been revealed to own a red button with an unknown purpose.
  • K appears to be HppyBiirthday and other birthday karts during the birthday 2017 event.

Appears In Edit

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