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Kart Kingdom is an online game created by PBS Kids. It was launched on March 24, 2015 and was the first online multiplayer world made by PBS Kids It is available on the PBS Kids website and at  The game is no longer in its beta version. The game also has its own blog. The game has about 50,000+ players.

Gameplay Edit

Quests Edit

There are 20 quests to do in the game, with 5 quests in each area. In quests, players explore the area to find objects. 

Gadgets Edit

Gadgets can be used to help with quests.

Powerups Edit

Powerups are things you can use in the Kart Kingdom Games Tent. The powerups will help you with the game, or they can unlock bonus features.

Kart Parts Edit

Kart Parts are the most popular things in Kart Kingdom. You can get them by doing Crafting or giving Gus bits at the Give And Get Truck.

Icons Edit

Icons are buttons on Kart Kingdom that are on the screen. 

Landmarks Edit

Landmarks are all over Kart Kingdom. See if you can find them all!

Movement Edit

In Kart Kingdom, you can jump by tapping the UP key or by pressing the SPACE key. Collect gadgets and go through doors by tapping the DOWN key. Go left by tapping the LEFT key. Go right by tapping the RIGHT key. To go fast, press SHIFT+RIGHT/LEFT. For more movement, press the dance button on the bottom left of the screen.

Bits Edit

Bits are things you find in quests. You can use them for crafting various things for your avatar!!


There are a few characters in Kart Kingdom. KCCGusHarley, and Drew. Characters from PBS KIDS, such as Dee, Del, and Dot, also appear in the game.



Chat System Edit

In Kart Kingdom players can only chat using pre-made phrases and emotes. Sometimes new phrases are added. However, players can type freely on the blog.

The moderation team can choose whether or not your comments can be visible to other players on the Kart Kingdom blog. If it is too big, it will be deleted.

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