The Kart Kingdom Blog is a blog where K posts news about Kart Kingdom. K usually posts every week on Thursday, with the exception of the Explore the Outdoors Event in 2017 and the Ready Jet Go Event in 2017. There are 154 posts on the blog. The first person to comment on a blog post was Morris. No one knows the real person who writes on the blog yet.



It's a Wacky World!

Snapshot Of The Day!

Dear K, How Do I Add a Friend?

Weather Report On Mount Snow

Pie-Nado Warning!

Say Hi To Gus!

Pose As Odd Squad Agents!

New Kicks In Town!

Eye Spy

Dear K, What Is A Secret Code?

It's Game Time!

Can You Solve This Riddle?

Happy Fourth Of July!

Draw Your Dream Kart!

Spotlight:Teacup Kart

The Dream Karts!

Eye Spy #2

A Clue For You

Cat Hat Party This Friday

A New Secret Code!

School's In Session!

Help Gus Pick a Kart

Draw Your Halloween Kart!

New Game:Monkey Mayhem

Spotted: Jayelan921

Halloween Kart Winner!

Enter Spooky Street...

Have You Found...?

New Game: Arthur Delivers!

The Halloween Party Is Here!

Dear K, What Can I Craft With "The Special Kart"?

Guess Who?

The Kratts Need Your Help!

Nominate A Friend!

Spotted: Omydollz6


Gus Returns!


Happy 2016!

Guess Who's Coming?

Help Nature Cat!

Snapshot Of The Day #3

Dear K, How Do I Take A Picture?

252,088 Miles!

It's Party Time...on the Moon!

Best Dressed For The Moon Fest!

New Game: Don't Flood the Fidgits!

Spotted: Issa395

Secret Code Giveaway!

Eye Spy #3

It's Spring Break!

Oh Hello, I'm CC!

Oh Hello Again!

Oh Hello, And Goodbye!

I'm Back!

Earth Day Photo Contest!

Vote for the Best Photo!

Spotlight: Piñata Kart

Photo Contest Winner!

New Game: Crossroads

What A Beautiful Day!

Best Friends Kart Contest!

Happy Best Friends Day!

Best Friends Kart Contest Winners!

What is Happening?

Happy Fourth of July!

More Summer Fun Karts and Wheels on their Way!

Spotted: Its2016K and Moon1927

Something Very Odd!

Help Odd Squad Get The Kingdom Back to Normal!

Have You Seen The New Odd Squad Movie? Spoiler Alert!

Spotted in Odd Squad Gear: Unser361

Ask K Anything!

Dear K - Here are Answers to a Whole Bunch of Questions

Nominate a Friend!

Spotted: WisteriaWolf!

Eye Spy #4

Something's Coming... Can You Guess What It Is?

Hat Race 2016 Coming Soon to Kart Kingdom!

Don't Delay - Vote Today! (Or By Monday Night!)

Hot Off the Presses! Cat Hat Wins!

Election Edition: The Results!

Draw Your Own Mask!

Congrats to Our Winners!

Dear K, What is Team Crafting?

Have You Seen OddTube?

Wild Kratts Sneak Peek!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Be Nice To Polar Bears!

KK Rules of the Road

Are You Ready?

10, 9, 8...

Party Like It's 2017!

New Year's Resolutions

Gus Is Back With Cool Stuff!

When Is The KK App Coming Out

Eye Spy Five

Groundhog Day

Valentine's Day Is Tuesday!

Dinosaur Train Rewards

Ask K Anything!

When Can I Play KK On My iPad?

Dear K Answers!

Spotted: newjakie

Special Edition Secret Code!

Calling All Testers!

Oh, There's My Glasses!

Explore the Outdoors!

Explore the Outdoors — Day 1

Explore the Outdoors — Day 2

Explore the Outdoors — Day 3

Explore the Outdoors — Day 4

Explore the Outdoors — Day 5

Explore the Outdoors — Day 6

Thanks For Exploring the Outdoors with Us!

Earth Day is This Weekend!

KK App Now On All Tablets!

Who Loves Birthdays?

Happy Birthday, Kart Kingdom!

More BDay Suprises to Come!

24 New Bikes Released!

Eye Spy #6

Hola! Remember Me?

Oops! Sorry I'm Late!

Paul Bunyan Day is June 28!

I'm Back!

Time For The Summer Fun Event!

How Was Your July 4th?

Eye Spy #7: Find The Black Karts

Did You Find The Black Karts?

Where Did This Come From?

Heads Up!

Jet's Back!

Same or Different?





How About This Constellation?

Solar Eclipse is Coming!

To Eclipse or Not to Eclipse?

Getting Ready Next Week for...

Ask K Questions!

Back to School Event!

Ask K Answers!

Spotted: wwess123389

I Love Jumping in the Leaves!

Howdy, Folks!

Cowboy Hats Galore!

Desert Dwellers

Boo! It's Back!

Mask Contest Winners!

Dear K, Where Am I?

I Snapped This Photo Today!


The characters that appear in blog posts are KCCGusHarley, Drew, and sometimes Abby during the Back to School Event. In one blog post, even Dee and Del were there.


On the Blog, people can comment on blog posts. People often talk about the blog post or other things in Kart Kingdom. People also make Clubs that people can join and Parties that people can go to. However, moderators can decide if your comment can be visible to other players.

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Blank avatar before username is approved

It has been explained by K that if your username has not been approved, your avatar's face (in the box) will not be there and appear blank. If the issue has gone on for more than a year, the player is instructed to create a support ticket to solve the problem.