Kart Kingdom Rewritten is a fanmade game that was set to be made when Kart Kingdom ends or before that time. It's admins/creators were going to be SirGawain8, Sussettey1, Yumms567, Cp21075, etc. Mods would have been Buggarden12, India884, Bradstormer, etc. There will be more people, and more admins. It will have everything in Kart Kingdom. It will have items only in the game files of Kart Kingdom too. If there was going to be any parties, they will either be like the ones in Kart Kingdom or fan-made ones. Quests was going to be in the game also.

However, due to the cost of the servers, the project plans are being shut down, but hopefully another fan will be able to recreate Kart Kingdom when it's end has passed.

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