Welcome to our wiki! Please read the guidelines before you edit, comment, or use the forum or chat.

General Guidelines

This set of guidelines apply to the entire wiki (including the chat).

  1. Only users 13 or over can have an account, this is from the Wikia Terms Of Use, not us. Users under 13 will be blocked until they turn 13.
  2. Do not use profanity or other offensive words. Censoring them does not make them allowed. Words like "stupid" or "dumb" are permitted unless used to insult other users.
  3. Be careful with your words. Bullying/harassment is absolutely not tolerated and will result in a temporary ban.
  4. Do not advertise outside of the Advertisements board or your user profile.
  5. Use American English. Other types of English (such as British English) are allowed outside of articles only; you will not be blocked for this, you will only be reminded and the word will be corrected. Other languages are allowed outside of articles, but please keep it to just simple words or just part of what you are posting.
  6. Photos containing blood/gore, suggestive content, or offensive content are not allowed.
  7. Discussions about sensitive topics (such as religion) may be removed. This is to avoid people getting into arguments.
  8. No badge farming. This means making unwanted edits, comments, articles, etc to get badges.
  9. No spamming or creating random/irrelevant pages.
  10. Do not make comments that are unrelated to the article or thread that you are commenting on. This will count as spam.
  11. Sharing sensitive personal information, such as passwords (even if it's your own), will result in a temporary ban.
  12. Do not ask others for their personal information (even if it is not sensitive; things like age will still count).
  13. Vandalism is NOT tolerated here. This will result in a temporary ban without a warning.
  14. No sockpuppeting. This means creating multiple accounts to avoid a ban or cause problems on the wiki. Sockpuppets may be blocked permanently Having multiple accounts is allowed.
  15. Do NOT force people to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, or do any other illegal activity. It is against the rules to do ANY illegal activity.

General Consequences

1 wrong deed: warning

2 wrong deeds: 2 hour block or kick

3 wrong deeds: 1 day block or 2 hour ban