Rules As Of December 7, 2017

The rules have been updated as many have been repeated.

Welcome to our wiki!  We all enjoy Kart Kingdom and want to share what we know about it. Like most other wikis, this wiki has some rules. Because Kart Kingdom is a game targeted towards young kids and many young children may view this wiki, these rules may be stricter than the rules on other wikis. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning or temporary ban.

  1. No profanity at all. Censoring them out does NOT make it allowed. This will result in a temporary ban without warning. Exceptions are "stupid" or "dumb" are permitted unless used to insult other users. The words "retard" or "retarded" are NOT acceptable, as some users may find this offensive.

2. Be careful with your words. Bullying/harassment is absolutely not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

3. No spamming or creating random/irrelevant pages. 

4. No badge farming. This means making unwanted edits, comments, articles, etc to get badges.

5. No adult content. This will result in a temporary ban without a warning.

6. Parents, if you wish to contact us, we'll have an email up soon. Please do not use the email for spam or random questions.

7. Do NOT share personal information. In some cases, this can be dangerous.

8. Vandalism is NOT tolerated here. This will result in a temporary ban without a warning.

9. No sockpuppeting. This means creating multiple accounts to troll other users.

10. Do not disrespect religions/beliefs, discussions are tolerated but may only be in the form of a blog.

11. You can post your sexual orientation on your profile, but discussion is limited to blog. This isn't to offend anyone, but discussion of your sexuality is considered off topic.

12. "Online Dating" is not tolerated here.

13: You cannot post a link to a video with swears or not child-friendly videos. You will get a (TBD) ban

14: Do not scam or attempt to get passwords/information from other users.

Most importantly, have fun!

Consequences (depends on what you have done):

- 1 wrong deed: warning

-2-3 wrong deeds: 1 day ban

-4-5 wrong deeds: 1 week ban to a fortnight ban 

In some situations, we may ban a user for longer than one week.  

If you have any questions, notify an admin or a mod.


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