Rules As Of October 15, 2017

Welcome to our kid friendly wiki!  We all enjoy Kart Kingdom and want to share what we know about it. Like most other wikis, this wiki has some rules. Because Kart Kingdom is a game targeted towards young kids and many kids may view this wiki, these rules may be stricter than the rules on other wikis. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning or temporary ban.

  1. No profanity at all. Censoring them out does NOT make it allowed. This will result in a temporary ban without a warning. This includes the R word and such.

2. Be nice to others and respect EVERYONE. Unless the person is doing bad things like bullying.

3. No spamming or random or irrelevant pages. Also do not spam the comments, blog posts, etc. The only type of spam that is allowed is when you go in the chat and spam the space bar and hit enter. 

4. No badge farming. This means making unwanted edits, comments, articles, etc to get badges.

5. No adult content. This will result in a temporary ban without a warning.

6. Do not insert unwanted content into pages. Like random letters and numbers.

7. Do NOT share personal information. We don't want people to track you down. The only reason some do that is because they don't say what exact location, they say something like "I live in New York" or something.

8. Vandalism is NOT tolerated here. This will result in a temporary ban without a warning.

9. No blood and gore.

10. No sockpuppeting. This means creating multiple accounts to troll other users.

11. Do not disrespect other's religions, or brag about your own religion. Only bring up religion very briefly. VERY briefly, and even then, don't insult others. This rule is EXTREMELY important. And no preaching to other people who don't belong to your religion. You might have good intentions, but it comes off as insulting, annoying, and mean to the other person and wikia is no place for that anyway.

12. No talking about Drinking stuff like alcohol and Drugs. This can result in a ban.

13. Please no Online Dating. This can result in a week ban or such.

14: Do NOT delete anything on other peoples walls unless its swearing and stuff like that.

15: Do NOT threaten people. This can result in a perm-ban depending how bad the threat is. But if you do threat someone you will get at least some kind of ban.

16: Do not talk about stuff like smoking.

17: You cannot post a link to a video with swears or not child-friendly videos. You will get a (TBD) ban

18: No violence. Young kids may come here and we do not want them to see violent things.

Most importantly, have fun!

Consequences (depends on what you have done):

- 1 wrong deed: warning

-2-3 wrong deeds: 1 day ban

-4-5 wrong deeds: 1 week ban to a fortnight ban 

In some situations, we may ban a user for longer than one week.  

If you have any questions, notify an admin or a mod.


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