LAHM is a Kart Kingdom player who is known to possibly be a hacker. He most likely has about 100 accounts which are ones he hacked.

Technically, there is no actual evidence to show that LAHM is a hacker, but based on his actions, he is most likely one, and there is little doubt about this.

He has also made fake codes.

LAHM and firedragon1228 used to run a club together to hack more people faster, but mysteriously, both of them, along with their club posts, are nowhere to be seen.

History Edit

He was first noticed by elks447 and sumairu123 (Sussettey1), who were cyber bullied in-game by LAHM. This led to a huge chase until he logged out.

Katy5233's older brother pretended to be LAHM to mess with users on the Kart Kingdom Wiki, so we weren't sure at first if we'd collected valuable information about him hacking, but then he appeared on the blog with FireDragon1228 as his ally. The things they are doing confirms LAHM being the head hacker after PBS Kids. The moderators were probably also hacked.

Sussettey1 then sent an email to the Kart Kingdom team, and they are now returning accounts. The way to get your account back is to create a support ticket and pose as a parent if you have not gotten a parent to write the email.

List of users hacked by LAHM Edit

Sussettey1(now sumairu123)

ILoveMusic65(now ProjectMC210)

MysticMagic7(now skye447)





front79 (now queentiger)

juleiscool68 (now mlpegbff)

Marvelgirl71(also HelperMG)*

giantpanda11(now buggarden12)

back439 (now India884)


buggarden12 *

SirGawain8 *

various accounts made by Sussettey1

JSRMG (now poochiepup)*

*queentiger got hacked but she was in a new account she made. Luckily she still has her old account.

*buggarden12 did not lose her account or anything, but she was hacked for a short period of time, when LAHM posed as her on the blog.

*SirGawain8 got hacked, but he got his account back.

*LAHM may not have hacked Marvelgirl71; But Marvelgirl71 got her account back.

*LAHM may not have hacked JSRMG (poochiepup's old account)

poisonivy556 (but she has a new user)

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