LAHM is a Kart Kingdom player who is known to be most likely a hacker. He most likely owns about 150 accounts which are the accounts he hacked.

There was no actual evidence to show that LAHM is a hacker, but over time, it has become more definite.

He has also made fake codes.

LAHM and firedragon1228 used to run a club together to hack more people faster, but mysteriously, both of them, along with their club posts, were nowhere to be seen, until September 30th. LAHM didn't do anything for a long time, but he returned a few days before Christmas in 2017, hacking more users than ever.


He was first noticed by elks447 and sumairu123 (Sussettey1), who were cyber bullied in-game by LAHM. This led to a huge chase until he logged out.

Katy5233's older brother pretended to be LAHM to mess with users on the Kart Kingdom Wiki, so we weren't sure at first if we'd collected valuable information about him hacking, but then he appeared on the blog with FireDragon1228 as his ally. The things they are doing confirms LAHM being the head hacker after PBS Kids. The moderators were probably also hacked.

Sussettey1 then sent an email to the Kart Kingdom team, and they were returning accounts. The way to get your account back is to create a support ticket and pose as a parent if you have not gotten a parent to write the email. As of now, however, the support ticket system has been blocked by the hackers and it is no longer possible. The feedback system also does not work, and PBS KIDS will not email you back if you decide to do this.

Unfortunately, he returned to Kart Kingdom.

List of users hacked by LAHM

NOTE: This list is not complete. There might be more users who were hacked. There was a big shock when he hacked the creator, MechanicEd.

Initial username Other account names Current account name Image Status Hacked in current account Time


(by Event)

Sussettey1 S1and2user



[various other accounts]


Akarin Active No Wild Kratts (Nov. 2016)

New Years (2016)

New Years (2017)

ILoveMusic65 None ProjectMC210 Inactive Unknown Unknown
MysticMagic7 jexica10 skye447 N/A Unknown Unknown
front79 Unknown QueenTiger Active Yes (in unknown account) Unknown
juleiscool68 None mlpegbff Active No Unknown
Marvelgirl71* HelperMG (unhacked) Marvelgirl71* Active Yes Unknown
giantpanda11 buggarden12, ReporterBG12 buggarden12 Active Yes Unknown
back439 None india884 Active No Unknown
Various sirgawain**


SirGawain8 Active Yes Unknown
JSRMG None poochiepup Inactive No Unknown
Unknown user Unknown Unknown N/A Unknown Unknown
poisonivy556 None New User N/A Unknown Unknown
Sussettey2 None xSu2 Active No Wild Kratts (Nov. 2016)
Emerald510 Hemrione510



Active No Unknown
riley2208 n/a CoolKittiez2 Active Yes Before The Ruff Ruffman Show Event (December 2017) (hacked in Nov.)
n/a n/a esther12255 Active Yes Before The Ruff Ruffman Show Event (December 2017) (hacked in Nov.)
2leak 2leaksavegeReporterLeak 2leaksavege Active No Uknown, 2leak account reused by LAHM during New Years 2017
osophie10443 osophie104 osophie104 Active Yes New Years (2017)
gabby101934 n/a none Inactive Yes New Years (2017)
thepetunia43 n/a Thepink43 Active No New Years (2017)
badziggy elite30XX none Active Yes New Years (2017)

New Years (2017)

LikeToSketch n/a Unknown N/A Yes [close to] Ruff Ruffman Show event (December 2017) (hacked in late Nov.)
MechanicEd none none Inactive Yes New Years (2017)
KWSU1976 none N/A Active Yes New Years (2017)
thelionking2800 n/a none Inactive Yes New Years (2017)
bella34521 none none Inactive Yes New Years (2017)
cutekitten59 none none Inactive Yes New Years (2017)
joey560292 none none Inactive Yes New Years (2017)
1234letsgo70 pandasandkk



none Inactive Unknown New Years


*Marvelgirl71 may not have been hacked by LAHM.

**sirgawain was hacked at an unknown time and the account was inactive for a while until New Years 2017 when LAHM started using it again.

***There is no proof KWSU was hacked, he most likely is a hacker.

****1234letsgo70 may not been hacked by LAHM.

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