Phantom480 now

His avatar.

Phantom480 is a user in Kart Kingdom. He's not very popular but he is getting there.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

His favorite kart is the K kart. His favorite hair is the jet hair from the 2017 Ready Jet Go Event. And his favorite skin color is blue.

His hobbies are puppeteering and stop motion. He also likes to cook. He likes dressing up as other people in the kingdom.

  • His favorite secret code is DWNABBEY.

He also likes to eat gyros. He has also found the code TPTLOON, but KWSU1976 tried to steal it from him, so he would get all the credit! But the good news is that everyone knew Phantom480 found it first. He was last seen on the Kart Kingdom Blog with Jet Hair. He usually comments a lot on the Kart Kingdom Blog. He is currently not very active on the blog.