The Quest Truck is a booth that allows you to go on Quests. It is in every area. There are 20 quests with 5 quests in each area. The Quest Truck has a sign on it that always says "New" even if there is nothing new.

Previously, the Quest Truck had the same design in every area, but as of the April 2018 update announced in Breaking News!, a new design was released for each area. A new design was first found in the game's beta trailer, later repurposed for the app's trailer, there was real footage of gameplay in Grand Glade with the Grand Glade version of the Quest Truck's design.


  • Del appears to be driving the Quest Truck, but he also appears to be driving the Parts Trailer. This might be a mistake or one of them is a new mascot look-alike.
  • In the old version, Del's hat was supposed to appear only in Mount Snow, but they changed it to all areas to avoid confusion.
  • Del likes learning history, which is somewhat out of character for him. However, this doesn't appear to be his favorite subject, as he later says his favorite is math.