A player about to go on a Quest.

Quests are the main games of Kart Kingdom. These games are platform games (games like early Mario, early Sonic, etc.)

There are 5 quests in each area. For the first 3 quests you complete in each area, you will unlock a picture that appears on the Quest Truck in place of the quest you just finished. Once you finish the fifth quest, you can free explore.

During a quest, you will have to use multiple gadgets to find several hidden objects or animals.

List of Quests Edit

Grand Glade Edit

  1. Racoons
  2. Otters
  3. Robins
  4. One Earth

The Deep Edit

  1. Shells
  2. Krabs
  3. Fourteen Jellyfish
  4. One Lightbulb

Mount Snow Edit

  1. Twelve Snowflakes
  2. Polar Bears
  3. One Moon

Bug Garden Edit

  1. Bricks
  2. Butterflies
  3. Ants
  4. Twelve Spiders
  5. One Rainbow