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The Raccoon Quest is the first Quest you do in Kart Kingdom. After you finish the quest, a picture of a raccoon will appear in your Field Guide under "Finds". It takes place in Grand Glade World. It unlocks Mount Snow. It is the quest before the Otter Quest. It is the easiest quest because it is the first quest Grand Glade. The objective is to find 5 raccoons in Grand Glade World.

Sometimes the picture of the raccoon in the Field Guide glitches out, as shown in the picture to the right.

This might be the first quest because Del drives the Quest Truck and he always wears a detachable costume raccoon tail.

It is less spread out over the Grand Glade World areas than the Otter Quest, which is to be expected.

The prize for completing this quest is a raccoon mask for your avatar.

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