Sesamegirl517 is a popular user in Kart Kingdom. She is the sister of Bradstormer and has found the secret code for the Thoroughbred Kart and helped find the secret code for the Speedway Kart with the help of Bradstormer, Yumms567, and BdayK. She is an admin of this wiki. She was popular on the Kart Kingdom blog for some months, but hasn't commented for a while due to her posts not going through moderation. She has a YouTube channel, which her brother Bradstormer features in.


  • Her first event she went to in Kart Kingdom was the 2017 Splash and Bubbles Event
  • She enjoys reading the Harry Potter books
  • She found 3 secret codes
  • She plays the games animal jam,,,,, and
  • Her favorite event is the KK 2nd Birthday Event
  • She is close friends with India884 and Queentiger
  • Her other account was recently hacked possibly by LAHM