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This is SirGawain8's favorite look.

SirGawain8 is a VERY popular user who has been around since the first day of Kart Kingdom. He can be seen on this very wiki, and he is one of the admins of this wiki, and he is very kind. Most users call him Gawain, because that is his name in real life. He has about 21000 files from PBS KIDS, PBS KIDS GO!, Cartoon Studio, PBS KIDS PLAY!, PBS, Kart Kingdom, Animal Jam, Club Penguin, Club Penguin Rewritten, Penguin Chat, Penguin Chat 3, Youtube, Firefox, Google, Poptropica, Kmart, Vintage penguin, etc. Most of them are screen shots from PBS KIDS though. He is known to be a reporter.

Gawain's first comment on the blog was "Pbs kids go", he was in a old account also. At one time, he didn't even know how to type and spell well. He has found 5 secret codes, 3 by his self (And one with his grandmother), and 2 trio. These include the codes Lakesand, Basinlong, Pbsvan, Kspsapple, etc. He also has watched and played PBS KIDS for 10 and a half years. He still does. Unfortunately, he was recently hacked, appearing to cyber bully elks447. He, thankfully, did not lose his account. He predicts it was a kid in his area because he lost his password paper. He also collects PBS KIDS bumpers. As soon as Gus gave out the Jet Hair for the 2017 Back to Bortron 7 event many users started to copy him, but Gawain is fine with that. He is going to stay in Kart Kingdom till the end, and when it ends, he will bring it back to life by making Kart Kingdom Rewritten. He lives in the state Illinois by Chicago, and he loves the song writer/singer John Mayer as well. He is seen in Kart Kingdom and friends just about everyone expect mean users and hackers. He used to not like new users but he changed, and he will try to respond to everyone on the blog.

He has around 3000 friends in Kart Kingdom, and he is on about everyday as well.

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