Sussettey1 is a popular user who joined Kart Kingdom, and this wiki. She was a beta player. She played a little in 2015, then left due to amount of schoolwork, and came back just after the 2016 Hat Race. She used to be popular until she was hacked in late 2016, just before the 2016 New Years Event, and again in multiple other accounts during the New Years Event. It is believed that LAHM hacked her. Since then, her popularity has severely declined.

A lot of hackers are after her for some reason, so she does not use her Sussettey1 account for Kart Kingdom (due to the fact that it was hacked), but she does on the wiki.

In Kart Kingdom, she is now sumairu123. This account was also hacked a few times as well.

While it is true that she lost her original account, she might get it back with transferred items from her new account. She has tried many times to do this, but the PBS KIDS website's CAPTCHA system kept blocking her from doing so.

She used to own an art club called the Cokespread Art Club, but it slowly began to close after she was hacked and got a lot of schoolwork.

Her passions are drawing, editing, and animating.

Her sister also started playing around the same time in an account called Sussettey2. Her account was hacked shortly before Sussettey1's account and she never did much in the game anyway. Since she was not interested in Kart Kingdom very much, she didn't create another account until mid-2017, when she decided to come back to Design Squad Global and Kart Kingdom once in a while as xSu2. Sussettey2 rarely went on the blog, and still almost never does.

She has discovered one code so far, SIXTYSEVEN, which unlocks the Sixtyseven Kart. However, KWSU1976 took credit for the code by releasing it on the blog early. Shortly after, he gave proper credit to Sussettey1.

Since she was hacked, Sussettey1 rarely uploads on the blog. Part of the reason for this is because her experience with hacking has led her to somewhat dislike commenting on the blog, and that it might cause her to be hacked again. One other reason is because the blog's moderators have become somewhat corrupt over time and do not let many comments in. The fact that the moderators have let in many mean and inappropriate comments has angered many other players as well.

She is not friends with kartkingdom8814 since they usually get into arguments about many things, and she dislikes his immature behavior.

Username and account history Edit

Her username is Sussettey1 because a long time ago, she played a game online that asked for a username, but nearly all the names were taken. Eventually, her father told her to enter "Sussettey" which was one of the names that were available. Then, a few years later, when she signed up for PBS KIDS, she entered "Sussettey" and then the number one because she thought, at the time, that it would be cooler with numbers. Sussettey1 had her original account for 7 years before it was hacked.

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