*Me Gawain, Potatochip, Yumms, Sussettey, Isaac(shadowy figure who turns nice), India, Elks, Alivor, Bunnyboy, Theocean, Dee, Dot, Del, Dash, Bishop, K, Gus, CC climb down the dungeon with rope safely*

Me: Guys! It's kinda dark in here! Let's use our Flash Lights!

*Flash Lights go on*

Yumms: Wow! Now it's so bright in here I can see everything!

Yumms: Oh and just in case I brought all your favorite food and first aid kits!

Sussettey: Maybe we could find someone that can help us find a place to sit!

Potatochip: Yeah like there is anyone that lives here!(Says sarcastically)

*Potatochip bumps into door*

Sussettey: I told you so!

Alivor: Uh.. The door says " Dungeon Keeper: Jeff " and according to the legend it says a Skeleton lives here!

Me: Nah! It's just a normal person like us! Right Isaac?

Isaac: Yeah he is a fine guy but he isn't a good looking person though! He does have skin like us he's definitely NOT a Skeleton!

Alivor: Oh.

Yumms: I am not so sure about this guys.. *Shakes*

*Isaac Knocks*

???: Hello, well if it isn't my good friend Isaac! Who are these folks you brought with you?

Isaac: These are my friends! Marvelgirl, Gawain, Potatochip, Yumms, Sussettey, India, Elks, Alivor, Bunnyboy, Theocean, oh and don't forget Dee, Dot, Del, Dash, Bishop, K, Gus, CC.

???: By the way my name is Jeff you can call me Jay!

Jeff: Come inside make yourself at home!

*Isaac whispers in my ear " He makes some pretty good food " 😉*

Me: *Giggles* 😄 Lol.

(You guys type the rest of part 3)

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