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    The back to school Event is back in the kingdom. Yay! Probably you will pick up school supply bit and give it to Gus. I hope that the schoolhouse room will be making a return. In the coding of the game, Yumms567 and others found the pictures of some unreleased karts, like the rainbow apple kart. ___________________________________

    Storming out, Bradstormer B)

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    Hello, this is my new newsletter. This is going to talk about news going on around kk.

    _______________BREAKING NEWS________________

    Kart Kingdom app gets huge update! This update makes the kk app be able to be in events. ____________________________________________

    This is a small issue, so stay tuned for issue two.

    Storming out,


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    Hello again, Isn't kk getting boring. I am excited about the events coming up, but that's about it. All these new people are coming in. Every couple of months, a new "generation" of kk players invade the blog, and we are being overtaken. But, we are more popular.

    I hope the event is good, Bradstormer

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    Yeah! I got it!

    July 6, 2017 by Bradstormer

    surfboard kart ( yellow, red, pink, green, black) snorkel masks (red, blue)
    Sunny sticker pineapple kart
    coconut kart and wheels :D

    A lot of great karts and parts fom Gus, even though they were some repaints.

    My picture here is super funny. it looks like I'm holding the surfboard.

    __________________________NEWS____________________________________ Bradstormer reveals secret code! The code is NETFARM.   Overall, the event was good, just wished there were more styles. Storming Out,Bradstormer :)

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    First, for some reason, My pictures never load. this one was supposed to be me by gus for the pineapple kart.



    I always love going to events, but I think that a reskin of the watermelon kart for the pineapple is a little lazy. Also, why does gus only collect hot dogs?

    The coconut kart looks similar to the apple kart. TOO SIMILAR!!! 

    at least the surfboard kart is new.


    I have an idea that the creators should create a kart that you need hot dog for. Just in case, I'm keeping 12 hot dogs from Gus.

    BREAKING NEWS___________________________________________________________________…

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