This is kinda late because we went crazy in a rp, but here it is.

Hello, everyone! It’s Cp21075 here and it"s time for Kart Kingdom World Issue 9! If you don’t know what Kart Kingdom World is, it’s a weekly newspaper I’m making. This newspaper will have news, polls, quizzes, and more.

Kart Kingdom News

Right now, Gus is giving out items for the new Dinosaur Train movie. You can go around the kingdom to collect fossils and bring them to Gus. 

Kart Kingdom Wiki News

So, it turns out that LAHMTHEEVIL1 is not actually LAHM, he was Katy5233's brother. He is blocked from the wiki now.

In other news, Dalisha426 has left the wiki and THE video might kinda become a thing when SirGawain8 makes the animation for the cheese factory rp. (if he does)

Made By You

The Made By You section will have pictures, poems, stories, and more from other people.

Want to submit something for Made By You?

Just comment on this blog post with what you want to share in this section, and you may be in the next issue!

More Info

If you want to do a collab with me (for like an animation or something) just ask!

--cp21075 (talk) they Whyamiuploadingthis 15:03, February 19, 2017 (UTC)