Hello everyone! It's cp21075 here and its time for Kart Kingdom World Issue 3.If you dont know what Kart Kingdom World isit's a weekly newspaper im making. It will have newz,polls,quizzes,and more.The newzpaper will be on both the Kart Kingdom Wiki and the Kart Kingdom Blog.Some things from the wiki version will be removed from the blog version to avoid my comment being removed.

Kart Kingdom News

In the Kart Kingdom News section there will be news about Kart Kingdom and the Kart Kingdom Blog.

In Kart Kingdom characters from the new PBS Kids show Ready,Jet,Go have come to the kingdom.You can watch videos in Grand Glade and go to the moon.When you go to the moon you can jump super high by clicking the purple button beside of the yellow button with the blue kart.If you click on a picture on that big thingy then you can get an item.The items you can get now are the Space Helmet,Jet Hair,and the Asteroid Kart.There are also some new things you can say such as "Did you know that there is no wind on the Moon?"

On the moon

K also posted a new blog post that you can seehere.

Kart Kingdom Wiki News

In the Kart Kingdom Wiki News section there will be news about the Kart Kingdom Wiki.

If you want to talk about the Super Bowl see this thread.

I am making some PBS Kids how to videos.More info on this thread.

Check out the new Parties page here


Which one of these items are your favorite?

The poll was created at 21:58 on February 13, 2016, and so far 14 people voted.

Poll results on blog

Space Helmet: 1

Jet Hair: 0

Asteroid Kart: 0

Last Weeks Question 

Q:What do you need to craft a Rabbit?

A:Plant,Spring,and Fur

People who got it right:Marvelgirl71

Made By You

The Made By You section will have pictures,poems,stories,and more from other people.

Today 3 people are in Made By You!

Made by you

Want to submit something for Made By You?

On the wiki

1.Go to my message wall here

2.Make the message title "Made By You"

3.Put the thing you made in the message.

4.If I reply to you it means you will be in the next issue of Kart Kingdom World

On the Kart Kingdom Blog

1.Find the newest issue of Kart Kingdom World in the comments.

2.Reply to the comment saying "For Made By You" and put the thing you made in the reply.

3.If I reply saying your name it means your thing will be in the next issue of Kart Kingdom World

That is the end of this issue.Come back next week for issue 4! --cp21075 (talk) Necolumbusfoundthenewcontenitoflazyness 03:18, February 13, 2016 (UTC)