Hello, everyone! It’s Cp21075 here and it"s time for Kart Kingdom World Issue 9! If you don’t know what Kart Kingdom World is, it’s a weekly newspaper I’m making. This newspaper will have news, polls, quizzes, and more'

Kart Kingdom News

There is a user named LAHM who has been mean to other users in Kart Kingdom. I don't have much knowledge of this, so I will share a comment from

"I do know something about LAHM, since I was there when it happened live, and reported it here straight away. So LAHM is male and he started out by saying "Please leave" randomly and spamming angry faces so, not wanting to arise conflict, I said "OK." And then I drove away, but clearly he wanted me to quit, not drive away because he kept following me saying the same things. Eventually we all chased him, and like you said, he logged out a series of times. Hey, there was even a point where he hid behind the Games Tent!!! He might be a hacker, so here's my speculation on it: he logged on on his regular account and acted mean until he logged out for good, as his job was done and he wanted to escape. Then, while monitoring on a hacked moderator's account, he noticed that buggarden12, who logged on shortly after as an innocent user who was unexpectedly and unreasonably chased by an angry elks447 (elks logged out and we all had a racing party), was going to post about the fun party we had. So he hacked the blog to lost her under his name instead of her own."

Also, there is a pineapple pizza kart that people hate and the polar bear is disappearing for some reason...

Kart Kingdom Wiki News

We have a new page: Kart Kingdom In Other Games

Sirgawain8 is working on a KK animation!

Made By You

The Made By You section will have pictures, poems, stories, and more from other people.

Want to submit something for Made By You?

Just comment on this blog post with what you want to share in this section, and you may be in the next issue!

More Info

If you want to do a collab with me, just ask!

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