Hello, everyone! It's Dalisha426 here and its time for Kart Kingdom World Issue 8! If you don’t know what Kart Kingdom World is, it’s a weekly newspaper created by Cp21075. I am doing Issue 8 for her.  This newspaper has news, polls, quizzes, and more.

As most of you may know, this newspaper has been on hiatus for quite some time. It's been 10 months actually. Now I am bringing it back. Read on to know what's happening.

Kart Kingdom News

I have gotten some terrible news from Kart Kingdom. There is a hacker, and multiple accounts are being hacked. Also, SirGawain8 has told people about the angry mob of Kart Kingdom users on Febuary 6, 2017. The angry mob was chasing a user called "LAHM", who hated Kart Kingdom and wanted evertone to leave. The mob was spamming angry faces and saying mean things like "Please leave" and "You are goofy". LAHM logged off of Kart Kingdom, and suddenly came back. He did this a series of times, and the angry mob did the same things that they did. Then LAHM finally logged off for good, and the angry mob turned into a happy mob. Also, a new kart came out called the Pizza Kart.

Kart Kingdom Wiki News

I am proud to announce that Kart Kingdom Wiki will be getting an update! We will make the wiki easier to navigate! We will have navigation boxes. At least, I hope. 

Also, the current forum thread with the most posts is Thread 3528


Does anyone know anything about the mean user called "LAHM" in Kart Kingdom?

Made By You

The Made By You section will have pictures, poems, stories, and more from other people.

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More Info

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