Days With BFFs 

I have so many BFFs I can't say all of them but I can name some of them!

List of BFFs and BFFEs:

1. SirGawain8  2. Katy5233 3. Letlovewin 4. ProjectMC210 

5. Elks447  6. WolfPacks 7. Emerald510 8. Bunnyboy23

9. Alivor02 10. Inanis/Clingwrap 11. Mimipawpaw 

12. Puddiness 13. Priya8(I miss her so much) 

14. Hearts884 15. ReporterMM8 16. Phaedrea333X 

17. Inda884 18. Yumms567  19. leah104419

20. Creambuns12 21. DweebyME/DiaryDweeb 22. Buggarden12(I'm so sorry there are just sooo many) 

Keeping of Friends & Friendships

Kindness & Forgiveness: 

Having trouble with forgiving? This should do the trick, read this short story then think about it. 

(part 1) There were 2 friends one was named " Elizabeth " the other was named " Pearl " Elizabeth and Pearl had some "forgiveness issues "  Elizabeth made a mistake and said " Maybe it would be better not to have a BFF " it hurt her feelings but Elizabeth really meant " Maybe it would be better to just have a friend not called BFF " Pearl said " But I thought we were friends? " she cried, Elizabeth said " But I didn't mean that! **sigh** This always happens.." ....

The next day(part 2)  Elizabeth texted her " Do you wanna come over for lunch I asked my Mom? " with sigh Pearl said "Sure. "  with a smile Elizabeth said " Yay! See you at 3:00 PM! " so Elizabeth appologized "Sorry if I said that to you but I really meant something else, sometimes I try to be there for you but I can't be. " Elizabeth said, " It's okay. It happens, sorry if I took you for granted! " they lived and never again had another friendship problem, the end... 


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