I'm still working on ideas to improve it. Anyways i'm just going to share some minor news while The Daliy Kart gets worked on.

Puh puh puh popcorn virus is back (This is just a Meme by the way)

Its back after being dead for months. The KKDC (Kart Kingdom Disease Control) says that all popcorn can infect you now. Synonyms include,

Acting silly

Screaming "I do not know sorry"

Wearing Popcorn Karts

Eating popcorn


Watching tons of movies

And etc.

New secret codes

A lot of new secret codes have been coming out! Stay tuned until more are released. What's funny is that this is all happening during the National Kart Kingdom Pbsvan Week.

National Kart Kingdom Pbsvan Week

Celebrate the National Kart Kingdom Pbsvan Week by wearing Pbsvan karts in Kart Kingdom to celebrate when SirGawain8 found the secret code Pbsvan! So far a lot of users have been celebrating. Join in today!

See you in the next issue!


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