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  • I live in the middle of nowhere....
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is being a complete doofus with serious problems.
  • I am something...somewhat...I dunno.
  • SmileCheshire

    Already, so I made a canine looking alien and I really love him ;0; please do not use him for anything, all of the art belongs to me

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  • SmileCheshire

    More Art

    December 5, 2017 by SmileCheshire

    please do not steal, it may not be that good but still

    this is an update on my newer art, i sometimes use 500 by 500 images so sorry for small size. some images are older than others.

    i will take requests for profile pictures, but i can only draw animals and am not drawing anthros at the moment. i also do have a life so if your art takes a while then, well...yeah

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  • SmileCheshire

    Please do not cause chaos because of the user LAHM. For those of you who don't know who LAHM is, he/she/them is a user that is rumored to be a hacker. Making posts discussing them is fine, but please do not feel threatened at all. Chances are LAHM is a young child that has been pretending to be a hacker and finds it fun to harrass other users. DO ​NOT ​reply to threats or insults, as this can cause further issues. When you see a hacker/bully/troll/vandal, it's your job to report this to an admin. DO NOT ​abuse your power as an admin, and don't ban random users that you "suspect" could be hackers. You need REAL evidence that someone is a hacker/bully/troll/vandal, and as long as you have evidence it's your job to take care of these issues a…

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  • SmileCheshire

    My Art

    March 26, 2017 by SmileCheshire

    Please don't steal rip

    I'm Alphy on Chicken Smoothie. c: I have lots more digital art but those are my newest pieces. Again, do not use as profile pictures or steal them or anything please. Most are contest entries.

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  • SmileCheshire

    1. Never, ever comment in blog posts unless using a spare account. This puts you at risk for being hacked as hackers know your username and can easily try to crack your password.

    2. Use a secret question instead of the "animal food" question set to recover your password. If it's your favorite food, set the answer as something random like your email address.

    3. You can share you username on the wiki but NEVER share personal information, even if it is your favorite food.

    4. Don't fall for any tricks like "I can help get you this item if you give me your password". This is a total scam.

    5. Don't accept friend requests. This sounds silly, but to be safe, only friend people you see on the wiki for KK.

    Please stay safe!

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