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  • I live in the middle of nowhere....
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is being a nerd.
  • I am very sensitive and will do what has to be done.
  • SmileCheshire

    My Art

    March 26, 2017 by SmileCheshire

    Please don't steal rip

    I'm Alphy on Chicken Smoothie. c: I have lots more digital art but those are my newest pieces. Again, do not use as profile pictures or steal them or anything please. Most are contest entries.

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  • SmileCheshire

    1. Never, ever comment in blog posts unless using a spare account. This puts you at risk for being hacked as hackers know your username and can easily try to crack your password.

    2. Use a secret question instead of the "animal food" question set to recover your password. If it's your favorite food, set the answer as something random like your email address.

    3. You can share you username on the wiki but NEVER share personal information, even if it is your favorite food.

    4. Don't fall for any tricks like "I can help get you this item if you give me your password". This is a total scam.

    5. Don't accept friend requests. This sounds silly, but to be safe, only friend people you see on the wiki for KK.

    Please stay safe!

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  • SmileCheshire

    KK Suggestions

    March 25, 2017 by SmileCheshire

    I've been thinking of some things that should be added to Kart Kingdom. Here are a few suggestions I have.

    Trading/Gifting System

    More secure password security

    Free Chat (Except there are some words you can't type, like on Animal Jam)

    A house (garage?)

    Shops and more lands, and some form of currency

    Pets and adoption centers

    More quests

    Items that can expire except for code items, maybe special exclusive shop items so that trading will be more vital

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  • SmileCheshire

    Since many people either don't know how to make an account or aren't allowed, I will be making accounts for you.

    Tell me what you want the username to be. The profile pic will be set as random. I will PM you the username and password but please be resposible with your new account or it will be terminated.

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  • SmileCheshire

    CP showed me a list of all the people who have broken the rules. It breaks my heart to see a ridiculous amount of people vandalizing and being rude.

    I will, from now on, be protecting pages in which I feel are very important. If you've made a page, I will be happy to protect it/unprotect it by request.

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