I have been scrolling around and have noticed that many people do not know how to create a wiki account. Please follow these steps.

First, you need your parent’s permission. It is for your safety that we need your parent’s permission granted. Please ask a trusted guardian if you can become part of the KKW.

Scroll over to the top right where a gray person icon should appear. If you are on computer or laptop, (any PC) scroll over and click “Sign Up”. If you are on mobile (phone, ipad, etc.) click on it once and click “Sign Up.”

Enter valid information into all of the required fields. Ask a parent for help if needed.

Enter a fake age if you are a bit too young. (PLEASE ONLY JOIN IF YOU ARE 9+!) The required age is 13+.

Check your emails and click the link, and voila! You now have your very own wiki account.

Any other questions may be asked and I will answer them. You may also add and edit pages, but DO NOT VANDALIZE! A trusted admin or me will answer any questions.


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