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  • I live in Grand Glade
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Animator, concept artist, story developer, reporter, storyboard artist
  • I am Female
  • Sussettey1

    Tutorial World

    November 27, 2017 by Sussettey1

    SO, apparently the peanut kart would've been unlocked in the tutorial. First, here are things that appear in the tutorial.(to be continued)

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  • Sussettey1

    KKNN Issue 14

    November 4, 2017 by Sussettey1

    Hey guys! Sorry for the hiatus....

    First up, both the Western Event and Spooky Street are over. Spooky Street was excellent this year, except I wasn't able to get the unicorn mask. *cry*

    And the Western Event was a nice hint to the Desert Event. Wonder when it's actually coming to the game. No news about it yet.

    Recently, a video was uploaded to twitter of someone's son singing the PBS KIDS theme. When I had informed her it was the theme from 1999, she was shocked and said she didn't know where he learned it! Just some cute news for the day. He's probably on YouTube a lot.

    Other than that, not much is happening...

    Dot's Spot is something new on the PBS KIDS Website. It's actually called Dot's Spot! In this section of the Videos page, you can fi…

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  • Sussettey1

    KKNN Issue 13

    September 17, 2017 by Sussettey1

    KK Wiki News

    KWSU is going to be permanently banned!!!


    Dash is coming back to PBS, apparently. A new series called "PBS Teen Series" (for now) will air starring Dash, according to the PBS KIDS Wiki. Dash is also getting a new voice: Justin Bieber. With the controversy about the pop star, no one knows how this will turn out. The PBS KIDS Wiki has been unreliable before, and even though most of it is reliable, something like this, so absurd, can't be true, can it? We will wait and see.

    In other news, yet another Ruff Ruffman Show sneak peek has been released on the official Ruff Ruffman twitter! Check out the show on September 28, 2017!!

    KK News

    The Back to School Event has begun!! Mysteriously, however, the writing that used to be o…

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  • Sussettey1

    KKNN Issue 12

    September 9, 2017 by Sussettey1

    Sorry for the month's hiatus!

    For those who missed it, a second video showcasing the Ruff Ruffman Show theme song was released. The show is starting to get bad reviews before it's release....will Ruff become another success or a failure for PBS? Find out digitally on September 28.

    In KK news, the Back to School Event delayed a WEEK due to unknown causes. As a distraction, the Digital Team released another Q&A blog post.

    There's a Plug & Play FREE Giveaway!! To enter, have your parents or grandparents go to the PBS KIDS Facebook page for the link.

    PBS KIDS posts on their Facebook page about a 6 year old boy named Oliver who sent them a letter regarding Mr. Rogers.

    "Dear PBS, Makers of Mr. Rogers,

    My name is Oliver Stevens. I am 6 years old. One d…

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  • Sussettey1

    We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship

    zooming through the sky

    little einsteins

    climb aboard

    get ready to explore 

    there's so much to find

    little einsteins

    we're going on a mission

    start the countdown






    Everyone to rocket

    rev it up now


    person: WAIT wait wait. How are little kids like you able to go to outer space without helmets?

    Leo: oh, this isn't an actual rocket. It's just a rocket that doesn't go to space.

    person: so....a plane?

    Leo: NO!! He doesn't LIKE to be called that!!! He likes to be called ROCKET!!!!

    Person: O-O ok.... um...

    we're going on a trip

    in our favorite rocket ship

    zooming through the sky

    little einsteins

    climb aboard 

    get ready to explore

    theres so much to find

    little einsteins


    Person: IM COMING!!!

    LE: LETS GO …

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