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  • I live in Grand Glade
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Animator, concept artist, story developer, reporter, email receptionist for KKPKPA, storyboard artist
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  • Sussettey1

    KKNN Issue 11

    July 31, 2017 by Sussettey1


    I tried. I really tried guys. But the Kratt Brothers have not answered my questions...yet. They might answer them later. Moving on...

    Remember that Pinkalicious series in 2018 I told you about? Now we have another show: Luna Around the World. It sounds interesting...

    EEEP!! This almost makes up for not having my questions answered.

    You wished for it; you asked for it; you BEGGED for it! Now the moment is finally here....

    RUFF RUFFMAN returns! In a newdigital series, The Ruff Ruffman Show!! Will this be like Fetch? Most likely. In the screenshots PBS has provided us with, we can see lots and LOTS of Studio G!! PBS even used the word "Returns" so we can only assume this won't be like the disappointment Humble Media Genius was. It will be…

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  • Sussettey1

    KKNN Issue 10

    July 27, 2017 by Sussettey1


    So, I know we've been on a hiatus but WE HAVE FINALLY REACHED OUR 10TH ISSUE!!!!!


    Right, let's get on with it.

    The Pinkalicious premiere draws closer and viewers are starting to worry about old favorites of PBS KIDS programming. What show will be replaced? We will find out next year...

    K says that an event is coming in a few weeks! Is it the Back to School Event? Or is it the long-awaited event Bishop hyped us up for? We'll see!! The good news is that this is the first KK event that will be available on the app!!! So make sure to update the app or download it!!

    Hacking is dying down in Kart Kingdom ever since I emailed PBS KIDS. If you want items to be transferred or if you want your account back, remember to email the Kart Kin…

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  • Sussettey1

    Hi guys!! So this is a new series I'm making where I try to make trends out of unreleased karts and stickers and hats, etc. and some that have already been released!

    Only problem is.....

    I am NOT good at making trends. I don't really have much of a fashion sense. So that's why there's a bit of a twist to this.

    The trends are going to be based off of TV shows and movies!! Some might be PBS KIDS, some might not be. Feel free to request stuff for me to do!!!

    Today, I've planned a Pretty Cure Dream Stars look.

    Yeah yeah I know. No one here knows Precure (except for cp) and this is just weird. But even if you don't care for Precure, you can enjoy this look!

    I have been OBSESSED with this movie lately. It. Is. Amazing.

    So if you don't know what the mov…

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  • Sussettey1

    So 3 votes, 3 choices.

    In case you missed out or didn't vote, the choices for the special guest at the KKFOREVER Pilot pre-screening were...

    Actually, let's make it like the Oscars cuz why not? XD

    The nominees are

    Chris Bishop: Artist for PBS KIDS and Kart Kingdom 

    The official  PBS KIDS accounts (via Facebook and Twitter): I mean it's PBS KIDS so....

    and oceaneiler: Artist for PBS KIDS and Kart Kingdom

    And the special guest is.....


    PBS KIDS!!!!!!!

    Congratulations - wait what's this??

    Oh!!!! Ok....

    We have a TIE!!!!

    What happened was, I put the poll on the MSS Wiki as well....heh heh.....

    So..... ahem....

    And the other special guest is.....



    Congratulations you two (I guess...)!!! See you (wherever/whoever you are) at …

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  • Sussettey1

    I need your opinion. The game is only in it's beta stage right now, and I need some people to test it as I update it. Here it is:

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