So 3 votes, 3 choices.

In case you missed out or didn't vote, the choices for the special guest at the KKFOREVER Pilot pre-screening were...

Actually, let's make it like the Oscars cuz why not? XD

The nominees are

Chris Bishop: Artist for PBS KIDS and Kart Kingdom 

The official  PBS KIDS accounts (via Facebook and Twitter): I mean it's PBS KIDS so....

and oceaneiler: Artist for PBS KIDS and Kart Kingdom

And the special guest is.....


PBS KIDS!!!!!!!

Congratulations - wait what's this??

Oh!!!! Ok....

We have a TIE!!!!

What happened was, I put the poll on the MSS Wiki as well....heh heh.....

So..... ahem....

And the other special guest is.....



Congratulations you two (I guess...)!!! See you (wherever/whoever you are) at the pre-screening!

When is the pre-screening again?

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