This is going to be quite short, but I did get some newsworthy information.

First of all, I'm working on the storyboards for Gawain's animation! Well, it's a start, anyway...

And the newsworthy info is that LAHM might've showed up again. Artsynerd1 apparently asked how to get the eagle hat (?) and got this response.
IMG 0653

I have reason to suspect this person....

So, if you know anything about LAHM, or the "Eagle Hat" Firedragon is talking about, please tell us.

In other news, Fred Roger's birthday was recently celebrated! Enter the code DINGDING into KK to get the trolley kart and be sure to share your Mr. Roger's Neighborhood moment! I also recently tweeted Bishop about new updates for KK, but he has not responded yet.

PBS Kids is adding a new muppet to Sesame Street for the first time in a decade! This character's name is Julia and she has autism. She is the first muppet with autism and she makes her television debut on April 10! Be sure to tune in.

Till next time, this is Sussettey1, signing off!

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