Hey everyone! Now that it's summer I can report more regularly. Yay!!!

Marvelgirl71 is still appearing in Kart Kingdom. What a surprise! Usually, the hacker deactivates the account after the job is done. This might not be LAHM. Be careful.

CC came back for three blog posts! Yay!!!! K came back with news of an event. What do you think it is?

PBS just released a sneak peek at the new show for PBS KIDS, set to release in 2018, based on the Pinkalicious book series! You can watch it on the PBS KIDS YouTube channel.

In other news, KKFOREVER is almost out!!!! I am making some animations as well. When I get a YouTube channel, I will formally start working on a video called "PBS KIDS: 'Kyle Smith' Style". I'm sure that by the title, you can all guess what that's about. ;)

That's all the news for now! Until next time, this is Sussettey1, signing off.

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