Hey guys! Sorry for the MAJOR delay! A whole bunch of crazy stuff happened!

For one, PBS has STILL not taken care of the hackers. Speaking of, Marvelgirl71 was just hacked. I am now going undercover in order to bring an end to this, but it's too risky to reveal my spy account name. I have also notified Chris Bishop about this. Hopefully he can get in touch with someone at PBS KIDS.

Speaking of Bishop, it looks as though we still have some more exciting events to occur in the Kingdom! The mysterious event with new characters designed by Bushop has not occurred yet, although it was supposed to happen in April. Let's just hope this doesn't turn out like the tiny bird stamp.

Ever wanted a PBS KIDS tv stick? Well now there is one! It's called the PBS KIDS Plug and Play stick! It really works like a race car too, by the way.

Want to protect KK against hackers? Go onto twitter and spread the word as much as you can! Use the hashtag #kartkingdom !

Well, it was quite late, but Kart Kingdom's second birthday was finally celebrated! With the release of motorbike karts, everyone's wondering about the official public release of the cake Kart, which people are making fake codes for. K says that another surprise is coming; one with four parts. Some people think it's the cake Kart, and others are hoping it's the new areas we've waited so long for. It's going to be hard to try to satisfy the whole fandom at once, but my suggestion would be to release the areas slightly before the Kart. Play it like Disney is doing with Frozen 2 instead of Tangled 2. Give the fans the bigger if the two first. On the other hand, PBS KIDS doesn't make any money off of this game, so I suppose they can just do it however they like....

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!!!

Ha almost forgot to put this in.

PBS KIDS IS GETTING A NEW SHOW IN 2018 GUYS!!! It's a very nickjr type thing, but I can roll with it. Pinkalicious. Based on the Pinkalicious book series. Coming in February. PBS KIDS gets more preschool by the minute.

That's all for now!

Until next time, this is Sussettey1, signing off!

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