K recently revealed information about a new Kart for Kart Kingdom's second birthday. She said it will not have four wheels. First of all, let me say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KART KINGDOM!!!!
IMG 0425

Happy birthday!

Ok, so now let's get to the news. A lot of people have assumed that the new Kart is a unicycle, but real fans know that this is most likely not the case. Considering old files, it's probably a motorbike, and considering it's driving animations, it makes sense that it took so long. We don't know much about the motorbike, but I recently found something in the background of a picture of an old blog post.
IMG 0424

K poses for the picture right in the center.

Look among the background carefully. We can easily notice a picture of Donut Wheels, a bunch of spotted pictures pinned to the wall (it's just like K to do that), ideas for the blog on a whiteboard, and....BLUPRINTS FOR THE MOTORBIKE!? Tell me what you noticed and think in the comments below! Are you excited for the motorbike?

In other news, K has also revealed information about new areas! Desert area confirmed! But there's some suspicious happenings about the desert in the new KK animation! Find out here on the wiki. K has also revealed that the polar bear left, like migrating, but that might be a cover-up story for the young ones until the creators fix this.

Till next time, this is Sussettey1, signing off.

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