So, if you didn't know already, PBS KIDS finally acknowledged the hacking problem .... but not quite in the way we expected.

If you've already clicked on the link above and read the article, you know that they clearly underestimated the severity of the problem. I've sent them another letter clarifying that it is quite innacurate. Hopefully they respond.

You should probably do that too. If your account has been hacked, try emailing them to fix it. They have the ultimate power to restore an account.

Yes, the article is innacurate and is almost no help whatsoever, but calm down and look at the date it was updated. March 3, 2015. It's time they update the article again.

While the article is outdated, still, follow the advice it gives you and the tips you learned from this site. Let us know if you see any suspicious activity on Kart Kingdom or the KK Blog.

Remember to try your best to notify them about it!


P.S. Here's the article in case you don't want to click on the link.

Kart Kingdom is a safe place for your child to play! PBS KIDS takes precautions to ensure that you and your child’s information is kept safe.

Because we use a safe chat system, it is not possible for players to swap sensitive information. However, please make sure your child logs out of Kart Kingdom on public or shared computers. And remember to talk with your child about never sharing their passwords with anyone.

If you find that your child’s account has been compromised, pleasecontact us with the following information:

  • Kart Kingdom or PBS KIDS username

  • Parent email address

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