IMG 0526

Credit to Clingwrap

IMG 0508

Credit to Clingwrap again

IMG 0558
IMG 0534

Ocean template

IMG 0597

Bye forever Dee!

IMG 0596

Dee: I bet Del is gonna slip heh heh heh

IMG 0595

How to be smart

IMG 0594

Mission successful! Now how to get down...

IMG 0592

Push the button. It's green.

IMG 0571

JUMP! Sumairu Purikyua!

IMG 0572


IMG 0570

Yeah...Dot used to have a really derpy body back in the 90s...

IMG 0567

Dance like nobody's watching

IMG 0562

Dee!? Please replace the batteries in this flashlight?

IMG 0561

Dash: IM BACK PEOPLE Dot: What happened to your hair? Dash : I'll fix it later.... ( this is messy hair dash)

IMG 0511

Waterfall! And bird.

IMG 0613

Dot: I am on the moon. I must make an app for this!

IMG 0612

Walking in the rain with my older brother. Must make an app for this!

IMG 0626

Walking to the beach! Best. App. YET.

IMG 0604

Dash: Gotta dash! I'm off to make a pbs kids go app!

IMG 0605

Siblings forever!

IMG 0607

Almost official rebrand design cel shaded dot and dash welcome you!

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